Highly Sensitive Healing Circle

Step into the healing circle and away from everyday HSP overwhelm.


Together we'll explore

Holistic Healing practices with open minds and hearts awaken to our best Highly Sensitive selves.


What is the Highly Sensitive Healing Circle?

A compassionate and brave community where Highly Sensitive People (HSP) learn, heal, and embrace positive change.

Do any of these resonate with you? 

  • I have trouble sleeping, racing thoughts, or I struggle to focus.
  • I fear rejection and I procrastinate on important things.
  • I'm stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed by the state of the world.
  • I'm easily overwhelmed by my everyday environment.
  • I suffer emotional and physical effects of stress and anxiety.
  • I struggle to manage my emotions in healthy and productive ways.
  • I'm easily agitated, frustrated, and moody and it’s affecting my home and work relationships.
  • I struggle to establish boundaries and practice self-compassion.

“Today I have the power to change my story.” 


Why was this community created?

As HSPs the frequent emotional exhaustion and overwhelm we experience can take over our lives before we realize what’s happening. The longer we go without caring for ourselves the harder it can be to live the life we deserve. 
In this space we can escape the trappings of social media and focus on our unique needs as we renew, replenish, and reset our physical, emotional, and mental health.  
Together we'll explore ways to embrace our High Sensitivity through awareness of our thoughts, feelings, and sensations and all the ways we can use mindfulness and holistic practices to manage the daily challenges we face.
This a private online safe space where we can share our stories, learn from one another, and grow genuine bonds of friendship and connection. 
Because we are off social media this community will grow organically over time with the intent to become a close-knit community of caring and supportive HSPs. In other words... quality over quantity! 💕

What's inside the circle?

Heart-Centered Yoga

The science of yoga has so much more to offer us as HSPs than the physical postures we associate with the practice in western cultures. Together we'll explore the endless benefits of adding different aspects of yoga to our Highly Sensitive lives. 


Mindfulness is the practice of purposely focusing our attention on the present moment—and accepting it without judgment. But this  takes daily practice and dedication to put our mental health first!



We're building a community of real people who want to be their best Highly Sensitive selves and who want to make a commitment to supporting one another through the joys and struggles of living as an HSP. 
Together we'll support the constant growth and progress of ourselves, each other and our world. 

This community is for you if... ❤

  • You're ready to embrace your High Sensitivity without judgement.
  • Your mind and heart are open to learning and healing with others in a nurturing environment.
  • You're ready to do the work to cultivate inner joy through consistency and compassionate guidance. 
  • You believe that self-care and self-compassion are not indulgent narcissistic practices but they are essential to our overall health and well-being.
  • You want to embrace your High Sensitivity to show up authentically in all areas of your life.
  • You want to support, uplift, and encourage your fellow HSPs to be their best selves.
  • You are open and willing to listen to many perspectives from all walks of life and to learn from their experiences.
  • You believe that real positive change is possible!

This community isn't for you if... 💔

  • You're looking for short cuts and quick fixes to life as an HSP.
  • You have expectations for overnight results without genuine commitment to making lasting changes.
  • You feel it's impossible to make time in your life for self-care and self-transformation.
  • You don't believe in, or are not open to learning, non-western views of healing, spirituality, and life in general.  
  • You don't believe in inclusivity and that every human being must be treated equally with kindness and respect.
  • You're just not in a space in your life right now to invest in and challenge yourself and do the work needed to make positive change.

“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.” 

Robin Sharma

What is a healing circle?

It is a safe haven where we work together as a community to remove the obstacles we face as Highly Sensitive People using holistic teachings, philosophies, and practices.  
A brave space where we lift each other up and celebrate the joys and challenges of our High Sensitivity. 
Talking circles, peacemaking circles, or healing circles, as they are variously called, are deeply rooted in the traditional practices of indigenous people.
Healing circles are often called hocokah in the Lakota language, which means a sacred circle and is also the word for altar. They consist of people who sit together and are committed to helping one another to heal.

Still not sure if you're a Highly Sensitive Person? 

HSPs process sensory input more deeply than others and tend to be more empathetic and thoughtful overall. But we're also easily overstimulated and require frequent respites of peace and quiet.


Come on into the Healing Circle to learn more about High Sensitivity and how it may be affecting you!

☞Join the Highly Sensitive Healing Circle Today!

A little about me...

If your story is anything like mine you were told countless times growing up that you were too sensitive, too emotional, and too intense. I was taught by my family, teachers and many of my peers that there was something wrong with me because I reacted strongly to many of the things that were happening around me and to me.  
It took many years for me to acknowledge the pain I carry from how I grew up, to embrace my Highly Sensitive trait and to begin my journey of emotional and physical healing. Embracing yoga and holistic living and the healing introspection and self-discovery they offer has infinitely improved my self-worth, relationships, my perspective of our world and my place in it. 

I'm based outside of Seattle, WA on the ancestral lands of the Suquamish & Coast Salish Peoples in the Pacific Northwest where I live with my husband and our 4 fur babies. I respectfully acknowledge the Suquamish & Coast Salish People, who have stewarded this land throughout the generations.  

I have a diverse background including an MA in Humanities studies, CCA Life Coach certification as well as certifications in Holistic Nutrition and health coaching, RYT 500 Yoga teacher training, Yoga for all shapes, sizes, and abilities, Yoga for Mental Health, and Laughter Yoga.
And I'm also the host of the Highly Sensitive Healing Podcast!
It is my life's purpose to share what I've learned on my long and continuous HSP healing journey in the hope that it will help you on your path to living your best and most joyful Highly Sensitive life!

With Love from my Highly Sensitive Heart to Yours, 
Tonya 🙏
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